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Along to Mazzika Group’s vast and priceless catalogue, we aim to facilitate and deliver music to all listeners and users, through providing services that cater and entertain the public while enabling businesses to approach through different categories of licensing, and supporting the entrainment field through different kinds of services, commercial campaigns and airing video clips.

Mazzika Group helps you obtain a license for public performance, broadcast or communication of music, the reproduction or recording of music for retail, personal or business purposes, the synchronization of music with film or video in an audiovisual recording. Mazzika Group owns both publishing and master rights of all its musical works, so license should be obtained directly from the Group.
You must obtain permission from the copyright owner to use any copyrighted material, even when working on strictly non-commercial projects.

Music for Public Performance

Mazzika Group offers its customers the opportunity to use its music in theatrically released film or TV documentary, dramatic context and premium or cover mount. We offer both publishing and master licenses for such use.

Music for Advertising and TVCs

Music in advertising affects the way viewers perceive the brand by different means and on different levels and becomes an integral part of why viewers and consumers connect with product/ services.
Mazzika Group offer license packages for businesses to promote their product/ service. Our catalogue serves different moods, emotions or musical style, so you can find the perfect advertising music.

Music for Broadcasters and Radio

Our broadcast and reproduction licensees are tailored according to the type of broadcaster. We offer separate license schemes for community broadcasters and for commercial broadcasters.

Music for Programs

Mazzika Group offers program producers and broadcasters a licensee to use our songs in their shows with a tailored packages depending on their budget and needs.
The programs include famous formats such as Arab Idol, The X-factor, The Voice, Sahbet El Saada and other TV programs.

In-Flight Entertainment

We provide diverse and high quality playlists, tailored to your needs and always with the listening trends, covering every style and genre of music from around the Middle-east, owning a large catalogue that includes Classics up to the latest music creating our ever growing music library.

Happy to serve our partners contact us on license@mazzikagroup.com

Established in April 2003, Mazzika Channel was founded to cater for Arab musical entertainment. Mazzika Channel targets all music fans, offering a vast video library that includes music videos and concerts.

Channel Content

  • Video Clips:-
    Mazzika presents the latest and most up to date hits by the Arab world’s most renowned music stars such as Amr Diab, Ragheb Alama, and Samira Said.
    Mazzika Channel provides a full marketing support for all artists and producers to air their clips with the right rotation to guarantee maximum exposure.
  • International Concerts:-
    Exclusive coverage of the most notorious international stars performances worldwide which include Ricky Martin, Shaggy, and Enrique Eglasies to name a few.
  • Arabic Concerts:-
    Exceptional coverage of the best concerts performed by big hits like Tamer Hosny, Mostafa Amar, and Nancy Agram.
  • Commercial spots:-
    Mazzika offers commercial spaces dedicated to promote events, public places and brands with a tailored made packages that meet your needs.

Contact Mazzika Marketing Team for more info.

Mazzika’s team manages some of the most talented and well-known artists in the music industry.

Our artist management team is responsible for promoting, and marketing the artist. It also has the power over every aspect of the stars’ career decision making, unconditionally serving the stars’ best interest.

The team is responsible for every career detail starting from choice of lyrics, song titles, video clip, concerts, movies and commercials.

Contact us to enliven your event.

Mazzika Audio & Video Production is dedicated to cater for superstars, some calibers include famous superstars with a wide base of fans, such as Warda, Amr Diab, Nawal El Zoghbi, Amal Maher, Hisham Abbas, Ramy Ayach and many others.

Mazzika Group production team is one of the most creative and highly talented team in the market; with over 40 years of experience in the production field, Mazzika collaborates with renown artists while believing in discovering new talents.

We create dynamic content for a broad audience. Our network of experts can handle projects of nearly any scale. Regardless of the scope or budget, we approach all projects to make it better than imagined. Our team creates compelling and impactful content for multiple platforms including social media, web video, and TV commercials.

Mazzika Group also offers tailored made packages to integrate brands with artists in clips’ product placements and sponsoring events.

If you’ve got a production to launch, an image to build, a vision to share, or a story to tell, get in contact with our team.

Mazzika Production and event planning team have created the best concerts and events that Egypt has ever seen.

Some of our booming events

  • Mohamed Ramadan (Akwa Hafla f Masr- Akwa Hafla Fel Sahel)
  • El Hafla (Samira Said, Hesham Abbas, Nicole Saba)
  • Porto Marina (Tamer Hosny, Ramy Sabry)
  • Album Launches (Amal Maher, Ramy Sabry, Tamer Hosny, Diana Karazon, Samira Said, Nawal El Zoghbi)
  • Press conferences

Digital Sound, established in 2001, a fundamental subsidiary of Mazzika Group, the Middle East market leader in offering value added services.

Our offerings comprise turn-key VAS solutions and services, including gateway solutions (SMS, MMS and IVR), managed multi-access portals, managed ring back tones and digital distribution including the establishment and operation of new media over the internet and mobile generations.

Digital Sound represents the exclusive rights for Mazzika Group music library, which represents 80% from the music content in the Arab world.